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"We are not just boots brand only, everyone can make history." Timberland Timberland chairman Jeffery B.Swartz initially conveyed the idea of all employees. Based on this idea, 11 years, Timberland has never stopped to aid volunteer groups composed by young people, "City Year." From 1981 began offering "City Year" funds totaling 50 pairs of boots to the present day are up to 700 million dollars in aid, while the "City Year" has expanded to become the nation's large volunteer groups. Annual "City Year" must raise 17-24 year olds from different backgrounds together to volunteer. In addition, Jeffery also give employees the year can have 40 hours of "holidays with pay" to encourage employees to take advantage of this period to participate in regional volunteer activities. So, Timberland employees spend each year to participate in volunteer public service activities, a total of more than 100,000 hours of time. Jeffery said, "I hope through this experience, can help employees to realize their potential, and each play their ability to stimulate innovation throughout the company to produce good power.reebok vintage nfl collectionCity Yearreebok vintage nfl collection6 new shop image editingreebok vintage nfl collectionEdit this paragraph apparel and accessoriesreebok zig fuel review

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6 new image store, vintage nfl collectionIn 1973, "Timberland" brand was born first double waterproof boots, Timberland's history and therefore carry. This has completely waterproof boots instantly acclaimed performance, his unique yet classic style, and bold use of yellow new style attracted the attention of consumers. Nowadays not change its original style of this pair of yellow boots, we call it the "Yellow Boots", which on the one hand dedicated to the activities of human foot, on the other hand it is the spirit of Timberland, which is often available from Timberland Company "Bootsness" appear to use the term in its wonderful. Yellow Boots implied a "culture of things stick out from the manufacturing boots", and "the coexistence of humans and nature values and sincere" are also included in the "Bootsness", which has become an important symbol of Timberland.reebok vintage nfl collectionYellow Bootsreebok vintage nfl collectionreebok vintage nfl collectionCommunity Service

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Social Assessment, vintage nfl collectionYellow Bootsreebok vintage nfl collectionreebok vintage nfl collectionIf you say "Yellow Boots" is the spirit of Timberland, but "Handsewn Shoes" hand-sewn shoes, Timberland is the immortal model. With 1978 a pair of pure handmade Handsewn Shoes, shoe industry set off a casual revolution, people became accustomed to wear light clothing, shoes, outdoor activities outside of work. And Timberland shoes are no longer confined to the mountains wearing heavy work, more pluralistic outdoor leisure style, insisted classic "hand-stitched" spiritual in quality, from one of the most original leather, shaping, proofing, mold , all from the old shoemaker stitch hand. In addition, the functions for different environments and regions and continue to develop perfected Classic Handsewn shoes, Timberland better showing absolute requirement for quality, but also because the shoes of former US President Ronald Reagan and was very fond of wearing Square appearance at the White House, Reagan has been the shoe of the name. After it is widely welcomed by European and American casual yuppie.reebok vintage nfl collection3 brand business card editor

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