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reebok exofit lo gumCommunity Servicereebok exofit lo gumTimberland is headquartered in the United States east coast of New Hampshire, which boasts a wealth of original nature: sea and wasteland, wind and green leaves, sometimes gentle, sometimes harsh greet humans, they inspire in such diverse natural environment of the Yellow Boots ideas. In the rugged wasteland or swamp, comfort and safety to be able to work it must rely completely waterproof sturdy shoes, because of this, Timberland create uncompromising and pass stringent tests of quality shoes.reebok exofit lo gumImmortal modelreebok premier zigfly

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, exofit lo gumToday, Timberland name has stood for nearly 30 years on the market. Today, Timberland each item of footwear, apparel and outdoor equipment products, still carefully manufactured with sophisticated technology, products, meticulous attention to detail, and durable, functional; plus thoughtful, innovative design, Timberland products allow people to enjoy the show personal style, so users around the world to get unanimous praise: the famous American pop singer Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston are very favorite Timberland brand; international superstar Mr. Zhou Runfa is the brand's fans, his first film since "Ah Long "Beginning on the Timberland forged origin; the famous Hong Kong actor Simon Yam, a popular singer Hacken Lee and Louis Koo celebrities so that the brand has to follow; in Asia, Timberland was named" best Men's casual brand in Japan. "reebok exofit lo gumFollow the traditionalreebok exofit lo gum 5 Brand Storyreebok exofit lo gumEdit this paragraph apparel and accessories

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Timberland boots original yellow originally manufactured by hand in the factory have the person responsible tailoring, sewing, stamping, painting waterproof footwear solvent processes. Today, Timberland boots have been in machine-assisted production, but still retains many of the original features of boots, including the use of injection molding technology and high quality leather, etc., and still exhibit superior craftsmanship quality - waterproof, tough and durable. To enable customers to wear more comfortable shoes fit clothing, Timberland constantly strive, has developed a variety of advanced footwear technology, innovative products., exofit lo gumInternationally renowned outdoor brand Timberland Tim Bo Lan held Asia's second home in Shanghai Jiuguang entrance plaza, opened the first domestic instrument store new imagereebok exofit lo gumIn 1973, "Timberland" brand was born first double waterproof boots, Timberland's history and therefore carry. This has completely waterproof boots instantly acclaimed performance, his unique yet classic style, and bold use of yellow new style attracted the attention of consumers. Nowadays not change its original style of this pair of yellow boots, we call it the "Yellow Boots", which on the one hand dedicated to the activities of human foot, on the other hand it is the spirit of Timberland, which is often available from Timberland Company "Bootsness" appear to use the term in its wonderful. Yellow Boots implied a "culture of things stick out from the manufacturing boots", and "the coexistence of humans and nature values and sincere" are also included in the "Bootsness", which has become an important symbol of Timberland.reebok exofit lo gum1979 Timberland architecture based on hand-sewn shoes, with a special laser cut pattern non-slip soles, produced the first pair of "Classic Boat Shoe" boat shoes. Not only in the production and material selection are particularly rigorous, must adhere to every pair of shoes out of the hands of the old shoemaker "hand sewn" spirit, each pair of boat shoes are carefully selected and the selection of durable leather, and retain the original leather durable characteristics, specially crafted leather still retain not fade or deform after exposure characteristics of seawater and rainwater; while leaving the foot comfortable EVA midsole no burden; raw rubber sole portion compression molding material made with wear-resistant durable and slip resistance. Also worth mentioning is that the shoe lace holes on the unique anti-rust, anti-wear washer perforated brass brine treatment, a whole 360 degrees of pure leather laces around the whole shoe around, you can easily depend whether this was barefoot shoes with socks or shoe size to adjust to the most comfortable level! And that is completely comfortable boat shoes, casual secret, and why, "Classic Boat Shoe" boat shoes are the most perfectly presented Timberland taste appeal.reebok exofit lo gumEdit this paragraph apparel and accessories

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