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5 brand story editorreebok classics high tops for womensToday, Timberland name has stood for nearly 30 years on the market. Today, Timberland each item of footwear, apparel and outdoor equipment products, still carefully manufactured with sophisticated technology, products, meticulous attention to detail, and durable, functional; plus thoughtful, innovative design, Timberland products allow people to enjoy the show personal style, so users around the world to get unanimous praise: the famous American pop singer Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston are very favorite Timberland brand; international superstar Mr. Zhou Runfa is the brand's fans, his first film since "Ah Long "Beginning on the Timberland forged origin; the famous Hong Kong actor Simon Yam, a popular singer Hacken Lee and Louis Koo celebrities so that the brand has to follow; in Asia, Timberland was named" best Men's casual brand in Japan. "reebok classics high tops for womensImmortal modelreebok classics high tops for womensFor environmental protection Timberland focus on two aspects, namely to reduce the carbon footprint and create a durable, recyclable products made from environmentally friendly materials, such as Timberland Earth Keeper of EarthkeepersTM products.reebok princess kids

reebok classics high tops for womens,chemical ltd buy reebok trainers

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, classics high tops for womensTimberland Green Index & reg; Green Index ratingreebok classics high tops for womensManufactured boots use energy, chemicals and resources - all of which cause pollution. In order to establish the environmental values, we must continue to urge yourself to create more sustainable products. Timberland's goal is to promote innovation, high-quality, low pollution, fully recyclable products more generally. We will measure the impact of our shoes on the environment by using green index rating system for procurement of environmentally friendly materials and recyclable products designed to put into action.reebok classics high tops for womensBack in 2001, before the brand officially entered China, Timberland has taken note of the Horqin desertification phenomenon. Starting in 2001, located in the "Horqin Desert" in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China greening activities by non-profit groups from Japan's "Green Network" support. Because human uncontrolled grazing and logging, past lush abundance Horqin "Prairie" has today become desertification Horqin "desert", Timberland tree planting activities where ongoing efforts to restore the local "wind-swept pastures of cows and sheep," the old natural character . 2001-2010 April has completed milestones 1 million and promised to continue to grow in the next two million trees.reebok classics high tops for womensGroup Introduction

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reebok classics high tops for womens,chemical ltd buy reebok trainers

In 1973, "Timberland" brand was born first double waterproof boots, Timberland's history and therefore carry. This has completely waterproof boots instantly acclaimed performance, his unique yet classic style, and bold use of yellow new style attracted the attention of consumers. Nowadays not change its original style of this pair of yellow boots, we call it the "Yellow Boots", which on the one hand dedicated to the activities of human foot, on the other hand it is the spirit of Timberland, which is often available from Timberland Company "Bootsness" appear to use the term in its wonderful. Yellow Boots implied a "culture of things stick out from the manufacturing boots", and "the coexistence of humans and nature values and sincere" are also included in the "Bootsness", which has become an important symbol of Timberland., classics high tops for womensTimberland Green Index & reg; Green Index ratingreebok classics high tops for womensreebok classics high tops for womensTimberland's corporate history from 1918. Its founder Nathan Swarts acquired in 1952 50% of the Abington Shoe Company shares, in 1955, Nathan bought the remaining shares, its second generation took over the company, and grow as the nation's most successful shoe in the next 10 years the company. In 1965, Swartz family introduced injection for footwear manufacturing technology. This revolutionary technology without the use of sutures, and leather soles can be fully bonded together to create a real sense of waterproof boots. 1973, Swartz family founded "Timberland" brand, and successfully produced the first right to the brand name of waterproof Timberland work shoes.reebok classics high tops for womens

chemical ltd buy reebok trainers,reebok work shoes non slip

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