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The average refrigerator operates between 35F (2C) and 44F (7C), which is low enough to stop microorganisms from forming. (Microorganisms include bacteria and mould.) It is NOT cold enough to destroy microorganisms already present in the food; it is up to you to ensure the freshness of food that you buy. The fresher it is the less likely it is contaminated. Therefore you should buy fresh and get it into a fridge as soon as humanly possible.reebok zigtech fuelreebok zigtech fuelOne of the major problems I see with refrigerators is that the door seal isn?t sealing properly. This places a heavier than normal load on the motor and causes burnout before the expected life span. Also it stops the refrigerator from maintaining optimum performance. The cost of replacing a door seal for a refrigerator or freezer is reasonably cheap and should be done at least once every 3 years. This will:reebok zigtech fuelThis article is copyright ? David McCarthy 2006 and may only be reproduced in its entirety without additions. reebok question release date

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, zigtech fuelYour Refrigerator:reebok zigtech fuelYour Refrigerator:reebok zigtech fuel- Keep your food safer by maintaining constant temperature.reebok zigtech fuel

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reebok zigtech fuel,z tech shoes reebok

, zigtech fuelYour Refrigerator:reebok zigtech fuelreebok zigtech fuelreebok zigtech fuel

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